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Frequently asked Questions
HELP! The sound files don't work!

If the sound files don't work, you are most likely not viewing this site from a MAC. So, you need the Apple quicktime plug in. I think you can find it here:

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Is a particular composition that does not have a "Buy it now" available?

It is most likely that any composition on the list is available. The works that don't have "buy it now's" buttons just have not been through final edits. There are just a few works that are being held for possible revision. Use the e-mail in the footer.

I am curious to hear your arrangements. Would you consider sending me promo copies of your Bach albums?

If you are in a position to write a review or play a recording on the radio, I will send free copies of any CD. A link to the review or play list would be appreciated.

What if I don't like the CD, it arrives broken or it wears out fast?

We hope you like the music and are happy with your purchase, if not, just let us know, we can send replacements or work out the problem.
Other questions, please ask!
(the e-mail address is at the bottom of any page)



There are lots of recordings around this web site to listen to, or sheet music you can read or play. Check for the "free stuff" link on the header.

If you are enjoying these "free" things, please consider a purchase, there are many CD's and some sheet music currently available.

If you don't want to purchase anything, please consider a donation. A donation would help me, and maybe even inspire me to do more public web releases!

Consider a donation of:


If you want to do more than just a donation, you could commision a pice or sponsor a concert just send me an e-mail (the address is at the bottom fo teh page).



I Ching Music

Our guarantee

Our Cd's are not the slickest; most commercial recording on the market, but for a composer working on his own unique style of music, with unique theories and unusual approaches, we have something new to offer.


If you buy a CD or two or some sheet music, we guarantee them to arrive in moderately nice condition and the CD's will keep working for many playing. If for some reason there is a problem, we sure would be glad to work out to problem with a replacement item or a refund.


Problems? You will find the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.